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Queen's Court development

posted 4 Sep 2014, 14:31 by Aaron Billingham   [ updated 4 Sep 2014, 14:31 ]
So, we've almost started meeting every fortnight (designers meeting). It's proved very useful: I think I've now finally settled on a working base mechanic and can build the game around it - hopefully at the next play test I can try a few turns of a full game. 

During the play test though, I notice that people were more interested in seeing a fuller game than another go at a mechanic (perhaps that's obvious). However, I've been quite insistent on sorting out my foundation before going on. I wonder now: I'm trying to follow my own advice but is it the best policy to play test your base mechanic first or should you be trying out your 'wow factor' first and then try and put a mechanic to it? 

 - - - Aaron - - -