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Queen's Court development

posted 19 Aug 2014, 11:45 by Aaron Billingham
The whole 'fresh pair of eyes' thing is my latest lesson of the day. I think my favourite take on it being Big Bang Theory's Sheldon throwing his white board out his apartment window.

I still find it difficult even though I've actually applied it a few times already - I'm on development version 3 of Queen's Court. The trick appears to be in applying it at all levels. I've been down the road of applying it top level: I've abandoned - no moved on from - two previous versions that just weren't working. The first I discarded because I failed to take my own previous advice. The second because the game was close to working but was practically difficult: The basic play idea was fine but in practice it lead to so much accounting it had become a strategy game, which was far from my original design idea of a quicker, easier card game. 

So, despite being able to see problems at that level and being able to see problems with the game as a whole I found I could still get hung up on smaller, individual details - a play mechanic. Last night at the designers meeting (mid-month for reasons) someone made the suggestion: instead of seeking to play a card matching the symbol in front of you, why not have it so you draw the card of the type matching the symbol in front of you - a simple reversal. Genius! Why couldn't I see it? Wood for the trees and all that. 

Next designers meeting will be arranged in the Edinburgh Gamers Guild on BoardGameGeek:

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