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Queen's Court

posted 27 Jul 2014, 04:54 by Aaron Billingham
So after a long time away I picked up Queen's Court again. 

I've been wondering if designing a second game would be easier because of the experience of doing it before. Of course I learned that it still involves the same amount of work but I did find that I'm able to organise myself better. Not sure if my findings could be useful to other people starting out with designing like me but I'll put up a few notes here just in case there's something of value to pass on. 

My most recent lesson was in following my own advice. At the newly reawakened Edinburgh designers meeting I advised someone to write out two lists of characteristics in the early phase of design: 'must haves' and 'like to haves'. (I then discovered of course that I needed to follow my own advice and do this for Queen's Court.) The idea being that you've so many ideas of things you could include in your game, how can you possibly play test them all in all their combinations? So, either considering theme or preferred mechanic perhaps, list out the characteristics you really want (and be brutal - really want) and just make a basic version of a game to play test: Does the basic mechanic play well enough? Is the basic game fun enough? The details and complexities you'll add on later. 

The Edinburgh designers meeting is currently held in the Bellevue bar on Broughton Street on the first Monday of every month. Queens Court development version 3 will be at the next one. 

 - - -  Aaron - - -