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Game designers meet

posted 10 Nov 2012, 07:41 by Aaron Billingham
So we're back from Essen. Ken wholeheartedly embraced the new 3-game set that is Tempest (from AEG): 3 board games all set in the same background...
I confess that I did buy Love Letter, which is a card game in the same Tempest background but that only uses a 16-card deck. It's quite a fun little game to open the night with: draw 1, play 1; last-man-standing win condition.
The game of the con for both of us was Article 27: a pure negotiation game that can be played in under an hour - ... I know! Up to 6 players gather in the UN debating hall and get one turn each to propose a motion that all will vote on. Everyone has secret agendas to try and get into the motion whilst making sure their opponents don't get their agendas in. Both of us heartily recommend it; it's one of few games I give a 10 score to on BGG.
In local news, the next local game designers meeting is on this Monday 12th November and the Games Hub, Edinburgh. Both our new games will be their for development testing.