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posted 5 Apr 2013, 04:30 by Aaron Billingham
We'll be at Edinburgh's Conpulsion 2013 the weekend after this one - April 13th and 14th.
Legacy will be demo-ing (how do you spell that, I can never work it out?) on Saturday afternoon in the board games area and available to play on both days.
Just for fun too, I (Aaron) will be running an RPG on Saturday morning too, set in Ilyenashae, as part of me developing the backgound of the game for future projects. I'll be using the Silhouette system, as it's nice and easy for new comers and old hands alike, and will have the characters being merchant lords from Elhirishae venturing into the strange new world of the Zjudrek Kingdoms that have just opened their borders for a trade pact.
Here's the game description:
"You will play courtier-merchants sent to complete negotiations for a trade treaty with a strange foreign land that has recently opened its borders for the first time. You will also be charged with secretly discovering the truth behind the foreigners’ reports that your original ambassador committed suicide in a violent rage. Should you outshine your fellow courtiers to the glory of your own trade house on either mission then yours will be the greater reward."