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posted 15 Aug 2012, 13:15 by Aaron Billingham   [ updated 1 Sep 2012, 05:59 ]
Long summer - still not over - but time to get back on the trail. We've two new angles to pursue now to further the cause of Legacy:
  1. To get the marketing working we're going to do a video play-through to post on BGG, YouTube and so on - we've managed to film a test run so far and are thinking this will give us the insight to make the Legacy video... watch this space, I guess
  2. We've had some ideas for expansions - "woah!" you say, before you've marketed the original - well, we hope to use them to actually help with the marketing for Legacy; and also, we're finding more ways to collborate with Iain of the Giant Brain - look out for us all attending conventions soon with a grand plan... :)