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Detailed game description

Chaos is returning. The people of Ilyenashae look out on their world and see increasing numbers of fires, earthquakes and storms. Fear is spreading that these will be the last days, and desperation and despair have given rise to rioting, corruption, thievery and murder. None of the kings, consuls and premiers of Ilyenashae seem to have the power to shield their people from disaster, so all across the continent the people have risen up and deposed their leaders and cast the old ways of living aside. New leadership is needed or all will be lost.

You the players are the heroes the people are now looking to for that leadership. The victory point totals that win you this game represent you having done enough to gain the trust of all the people and so become the leader of all Ilyenashae. All the peoples in all the territories then instate your new style of government.

The heroes begin the game with a little influence, the currency of the game, a few resource cards, which help you control the state of play, and a starting ideology card that may well form the foundation of the new style of government your leadership will bring.

the first move
Influence tokens represent your charisma, favours owed to you, armies you control, bribes you can make – any method through which a hero might influence the people of a territory. The real form that influence takes will become apparent when you play your ideology cards, revealing your ideals and so the methodolgies you favour.

Your resource cards represent your own abilities and those of the people who follow you, both of which you can use to help you persuade territories to follow you, gain more resources and influence, bolster your own strategies and hinder your opponents'.

By exerting your influence and marshalling your resources you can become a territory’s leader and control the how they develop themselves. Once you've campaigned for and won a territory you can get the people to develop an infractructure there. The various game pieces you buy and play into the territories represent that infrastructure:

  • Arenas represent you building theatres and being a patron to entertainers and artists; arenas lead to governments based on culture and the people knowing who they are
  • Citadels represent politics and law; they represent you building forums for debate and encouraging a fair system of justice; citadels lead to governments based on law and order
  • Emporia represent you encouraging merchants and trade and you building markets and banks; emporia lead to governments based on wealth and trade
  • Temples represent you building places of worship and being faithful to the will of Shallae; temples lead to governments based on religion and people knowing their place in the world
  • Universities represent you building schools and encouraging your people to become educated; universities lead to governments based on empowering the people to think for themselves and to find new ways of doing things.

With an infrastrucure in place and people following you, you'll then be able to start forming your government by playing your ideology cards. Perhaps you'll build a fatalistic militarism that believes we should all embrace the end of the world whether we like it not; or perhaps a liberal utilitarianism that allows everyone the fairest chance of getting what they want. The combination of ideology cards you have at the end of the game describes your new style of government. If you gather enough points from territories controlled and ideologies played to win, this goverment will be your legacy to the people of Ilyenashae.